Filled! Request- MA2 Raymond

January 17, 2010

MA2 Raymond A.


I just received this email from MA2 Raymond, he is a Navy dog handler. Any help would be appreciated.    Ron

Thank you Mr. Aiello. We are currently deployed in support of OEF. We have been in the country for about a month and a half. All is well, at least as well as you can ask for. A care package would be nice, to be honest. Thank you for everything you do in support of my fellow Handlers, and our partners.
MA2 Raymond

Of course, we would be happy to send care packages to MA2 Raymond.  Packages are on their way!   UPDATE:  Read MA2 Raymond’s Letter after he received his packages on the Letters from the Troops page.


Filled-Request for 11 MWD teams

January 13, 2010

Hi Susan,

"Just need a nap"

There is a kennel in Iraq, Camp Taji, that has 11 Dog Teams.  Two handlers are female.  They sure could use some care packages.

Absolutely! We would be glad to get care packages out to them in the next 2 weeks!
UPDATE: All of the packages went out and are on their way!

Filled!-Request from SSG. Chris

January 2, 2010
This request was just emailed to me by Ron Aiello from US War Dogs:

Staff Sgt. Christopher D. and his military working dog Dena

I have had a request from Christopher who is deployed to South Korea and their Kennel needs help.  I supported Chris in 08 when he was in Afghanistan.  Is there a possibility that you can help with some of these items.  I have already sent out the Furminators to him, which I had on hand. Thanks  Ron

We have 14 dogs all together plus 2 trainers and KM (kennel manager). We could really use things like furminators, retractable leashes, harnesses, gear bags, kongs, tugs, bitewurst, etc. Tools, furniture and construction material are also on the list but I am looking around at the other bases nearby for that.
Christopher D. 8th SFS/Kennels

Of course, we can help!  We sent enough tugs and kongs for all the dogs and items for the soldiers on Monday. The rest of the shipment went out. Thank you to everyone for helping fill the request.   See SSG Chris’s thank you letter on “Letters from the Troops” page

A special Thank You

January 2, 2010

We would like to give special mention to:

Troop Dog Angels:
Jason, Tori,  Aja

J/A/V Integrated Systems, LLC
Audio/Video/Web Design, Sales & Installation
Woolwich Township, New Jersey 08085

Especially to Jason Smith, for getting this website off of the ground and donating long hours and his website skills. Jason put together this website as a surprise and gift to  Project:Troop Dogs.  We can never thank him enough for his kind spirit and generosity.

Filled – Request for 25. WE DID IT!!!

January 2, 2010

WE DID IT!!  The special request for 25 care packages to be sent to a kennel in Afghanistan were mailed on December 31st.

Riggs helping fill the Troop care packages

Thank you to all who donated and spread the word to get us to our goal.

Riggs loved helping  fill the care packages with his favorite things.