Filled!-Request from SSG. Chris

This request was just emailed to me by Ron Aiello from US War Dogs:

Staff Sgt. Christopher D. and his military working dog Dena

I have had a request from Christopher who is deployed to South Korea and their Kennel needs help.  I supported Chris in 08 when he was in Afghanistan.  Is there a possibility that you can help with some of these items.  I have already sent out the Furminators to him, which I had on hand. Thanks  Ron

We have 14 dogs all together plus 2 trainers and KM (kennel manager). We could really use things like furminators, retractable leashes, harnesses, gear bags, kongs, tugs, bitewurst, etc. Tools, furniture and construction material are also on the list but I am looking around at the other bases nearby for that.
Christopher D. 8th SFS/Kennels

Of course, we can help!  We sent enough tugs and kongs for all the dogs and items for the soldiers on Monday. The rest of the shipment went out. Thank you to everyone for helping fill the request.   See SSG Chris’s thank you letter on “Letters from the Troops” page


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