Filled-request 2/24/10

February 24, 2010
I just received this email form Ron at US War Dogs.
Hi Susan,
New dog teams are coming in to replace the 447th.  They are in need of care packages.
TSgt Patrick S. (Kennel Master), TSgt Nathan P.(Trainer), TSgt Ulani B., TSgt Carinae S.,
SSgt Jonathan A.,  SSgt Charles M., SSgt Rufus W., and SSgt Esther S.
Thanks Ron

The care packages are on their way!

Filled -Request 2/19/10

February 24, 2010

Ron Aiello from the US WAr dogs has emailed us with 6 more requests for packages.  These care package will be going to

Afghanistan for SSgt Jason S. SSgt Kenny I., SSgt Rob K., SSgt Mike D., SSgt Brandon F., and SSgt Dave L.

UPDATE:  The packages will be going out today 2/24/10