Huge Success! St. Petrick’s Day!

Troop Dog Angel, Alex Matthews, along with Haldeman Ford Subaru made the 5th annual St. Petrick’s Day  a huge success!  Here’s a report from Alex.

We had a great turn out for St Petrick’s Day.  I think it was due to such lousy weather.  Everything else was canceled, so they came to Haldeman Ford & Subaru.  Four shelter dogs found their forever homes that day.  So many people were interested in Troop Dogs and thought that this is such a great charity to give to.  We collected bags of coffee, q-tips, chap sticks, gum, cookies, dog treat and toys.  I ran out of Troop Dog fliers so I just started writing down the website when people continued to ask.  Troop Dogs even made the Trentonian newspaper that day.  Hopefully we’ll get much more donations with the exposure we had.

St. Petrick's Day!

True Animal Lovers!

The donations filled two cars!


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