FILLED-Cooling vests are needed

June 9, 2010

This request was sent to Helping Udders, the folks who donate the cooling vests for us to send to the War Dogs.

My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan where the temperatures are
regularly over 100 degrees, often 120. Yesterday, he told me that they had
to medevac one of their dogs because of the heat. As   I’m sure you know, these dogs are extremely valuable, since they are being used to sniff out IED’s.   I see where   you’ve been able to donate some vests for the dogs in Iraq and am wondering if you’d   be willing to do the same for dogs Afghanistan , or perhaps offer a   discount when purchasing for these particular dogs?    Thank you in advance for your response.   – Jen K.

Mikel from Helping Udders said of course she would send the vests to us to be sent to him.  5 vests are going out to him this week.   More cooling vest will be needed in the coming weeks. If you want to help with sending cooling vest to the war dogs contact Helping Udders.  The link is at the bottom of the Troop Dog Angel’s page.

My husband is Capt. John K  1st Marines.    You can send them to him and he’ll get them dispersed. Wow- I can’t thank you enough! I know there are about a dozen dogs in the battalion.  Most all of them are Labs. Anything you can do to help would be VERY much appreciated. I don’t know if the vests come in different colors, but they are trying to stick with tan, green, or Marine Corps “coyote” colors. But I’m sure they will be happy with anything you are generous enough to provide. Thank you so SO much! Jen K.


3yr old girl gives up birthday gifts

June 9, 2010

A wonderful little girl from Cherry Hill had a birthday party, that sounds ordinary, right?  But this was no ordinary little girl, instead of excepting gifts for herself, there was a note on her birthday invitation asking for party goers to please bring something for a Troop Dog!!!!

We were so excited when little Samantha H. came into the Voorhees Vet Center drop off location with boxes and bags of items for the Troop Dogs.  How wonderful is that!!!

We thank Samantha and her generous family for thinking of the troops and their dogs!!

Vincentown Church helps PTD

June 5, 2010

Doris, a wonderful  Troop Dog Angel, has gotten her church in Vincentown on board for a fund-raiser to benefit Project: Troop Dogs.  During the month of May, donations and items will be collected at the church.

We thank Doris very much for putting together this great effort to help the military war dog teams.

UPDATE:  The VUMC raised funds and donated many bags of items.  Thank you!!!!! And Thank you Doris for putting it all together.

Filled-Urgent New Request 6/2

June 2, 2010

This request was passed to us by Ron Aiello of US War Assoc.
We want to start filling their requests right away. These troops can use anything in travel size packages.

I don’t know if you remember me, but I was writing to you when I was stationed in Iraq at Balad. I handled Cezar. I was writing because I am deployed again and we are starting up a kennel. We are the first handlers in route there now. ALthough I will not have email access to Facebook when I arrive there I will have government email. I know there were a couple organizations looking to help build a unit up with donations and now is the time because we are going to a bare base that has nothing! We are still waiting on a company to pick up the bid to build kennels. As of now the living arrangements are tents and cots. I don’t know if you can link me up with someone but the problem is we are supposed to keep our location under wraps because none is supposed to know we are there right now which is why we will not have access to normal Internet sites.

SSgt. Kristen M.

Pancake Breakfast benefits PTD

June 1, 2010

Troop Dog Angel Hosting Pancake Breakfast
Charles Wiemer of the Lindenwold Lions Club is hostessing a Pancake Breakfast on April 18th from 9am-12noon at the Lindenwold Senior Citizen Blgd 2119 S. White Horse Pike in Lindenwold.

Donation is $6.00   For tickets call 856-783-0009 part of the proceeds will go to Project: Troop Dogs.
Thank you, Charles!

UPDATE!!!!  $356.00 was raised for Project: Troop Dogs.  THANK YOU Lion’s Club!

Sponsor a Care Package

June 1, 2010
UPDATE 6/9   We are in need of families to sponsor care packages. Our mailing money is running low.  But you can  help by sponsoring a care package.  A care package sponsor pays for the shipping of the care package.   To sponsor 1 care package is $12.50, 2 is $25, 4 is $50 and so on.  We will enclose your name and any contact information in your sponsored care package(s) with a note letting the MWD Team know that it was your family who sponsored his/her care package.   To sponsor a care package please send a check to the address below with your families’ information and any contact information you would like to be sent to the MWD Team.Monetary donations pay for the mailing costs and to provide additional items to fill boxes. Your tax-deductible donation check can be made out to: ADOPT and given at the drop off locations or sent to Susan Engel 306 Bedbug Hill Rd Southampton, NJ 08088.   A.D.O.P.T. stands for Assisting Dogs Overseas & our Patriotic Troops. A.D.O.P.T. is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization.


Nancy Engel, Jenn & Ken Gassman