Filled-Urgent New Request 6/2

This request was passed to us by Ron Aiello of US War Assoc.
We want to start filling their requests right away. These troops can use anything in travel size packages.

I don’t know if you remember me, but I was writing to you when I was stationed in Iraq at Balad. I handled Cezar. I was writing because I am deployed again and we are starting up a kennel. We are the first handlers in route there now. ALthough I will not have email access to Facebook when I arrive there I will have government email. I know there were a couple organizations looking to help build a unit up with donations and now is the time because we are going to a bare base that has nothing! We are still waiting on a company to pick up the bid to build kennels. As of now the living arrangements are tents and cots. I don’t know if you can link me up with someone but the problem is we are supposed to keep our location under wraps because none is supposed to know we are there right now which is why we will not have access to normal Internet sites.

SSgt. Kristen M.


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