FILLED-Cooling vests are needed

This request was sent to Helping Udders, the folks who donate the cooling vests for us to send to the War Dogs.

My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan where the temperatures are
regularly over 100 degrees, often 120. Yesterday, he told me that they had
to medevac one of their dogs because of the heat. As   I’m sure you know, these dogs are extremely valuable, since they are being used to sniff out IED’s.   I see where   you’ve been able to donate some vests for the dogs in Iraq and am wondering if you’d   be willing to do the same for dogs Afghanistan , or perhaps offer a   discount when purchasing for these particular dogs?    Thank you in advance for your response.   – Jen K.

Mikel from Helping Udders said of course she would send the vests to us to be sent to him.  5 vests are going out to him this week.   More cooling vest will be needed in the coming weeks. If you want to help with sending cooling vest to the war dogs contact Helping Udders.  The link is at the bottom of the Troop Dog Angel’s page.

My husband is Capt. John K  1st Marines.    You can send them to him and he’ll get them dispersed. Wow- I can’t thank you enough! I know there are about a dozen dogs in the battalion.  Most all of them are Labs. Anything you can do to help would be VERY much appreciated. I don’t know if the vests come in different colors, but they are trying to stick with tan, green, or Marine Corps “coyote” colors. But I’m sure they will be happy with anything you are generous enough to provide. Thank you so SO much! Jen K.


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