3 MWDs need cooling vests

July 7, 2010

Lakeshia and "Hera"

UPDATE: 8/7/10 – We were able to send each one of these dogs a cooling vest, however we are still paying for them.   Each vest costs $225.  If you would like to help, please see our contact page for details.

Taco and "Katja"

Durga and "Ceasar"

Dear Mikel,(owner of Helping Udders)
I just received the package that contained the cooling vests you sponsored, from Ms. Susan. I would first like to thank you so much for going through the trouble and getting such an expensive necessity for my working dog, Hera. Hera is a jet black Belgian Shepard who will really get some use out of this vest. The heat in Afghanistan is really wearing down on her. I really do appreciate you kind generosity towards us as a Working Dog team in Afghanistan. This vest will really help us complete missions faster and better now that she’s protected. Thank you and Ms. Susan again so very much.
SPC Lakeshia and MWD Hera


Request for 30 Marine teams

July 7, 2010

MWD Teams arriving for duty.

I attached a couple pictures. I will send some more in the near future.  The first one is in Germany on the way over here. the second picture is at Leatherneck during our first couple days here before everyone start getting shipped out to different units.

Makeshift Kennel

Some of the items Marines are requesting are:

Baby wipes, Baby wipes, Baby wipes
weapons cleaning gear
drink packet for water
socks; we walk through canals alot

for dogs:
a few retracktable leashes – large w/strap or tape not cord
Lucky dog booties/ large   — http://www.epetdrugs.com/lucky-dog-dog-boots-boots.html

Thank you for all your support.

SSgt Chris W