Donation from Wedding Couple!

August 25, 2010

It was a wonderful reception and everyone had a great time!  Katie, the bride, was beautiful and glowing.  Ryan, the groom,  was handsome and proud.  This special wedding couple started their marriage off with a very giving gesture, in lieu of table favors at their reception, they took the money and donated it to Project: Troop Dogs.    How Wonderful!    Thank you Katie and Ryan and we wish you all the best!


Visit to NJ’s War Dog Memorial

August 23, 2010

US War Dog Memorial, NJ

Last week during one of the beautiful unseasonably cool days, Ron and I traveled to Holmdel NJ to visit the Us War Dog Memorial at the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial/Vietnam Era Museum and Educational center.

Dedicated to all war dogs and their handlers past and present and future. Your deeds and sacrifices will always be remembered.

The statue of a soldier and his war dog stands at the entrance of the Vietnam War Memorial.  Although the Vietnam war began ‘before our time’, the educational center brought out many emotions.  One of the aspects that was hard to imagine was how the soldiers were not just unsupported, but many were condemned for their efforts.   Seeing and hearing the effects that had on the soldiers makes us even more motivated to support today’s MWD teams.

Ron Aiello, founder of US War Dog Association and the person we work closely with to get the addresses of the MWD teams ,  was the  gentleman who petitioned to have this memorial sculpted and placed in Holmdel.   Notice the stone with Ron’s MWD Stormy’s name on it.  Ron was a MWD handler in Vietnam.

MWD Memorial Stones

Request for Abbey 8/11/10

August 11, 2010

"Abbey" and LCpl Thelston just arrived in Afghanistan

These two brave soldiers could use our support. They just arrived in Afghanistan.

UPDATE:  Care packages are on their way!

Request from Sabrina

August 6, 2010
I hope this finds everyone doing well. here are a few pics from Afghanistan. I haven’t been on facebook lately due to where I am so email me at this address and I will be sure to respond when I can. take care everyone. look forward to hearing from you.
Peace and Luv,
Sabrina L.
UPDATE:  See SSG Sabrina’s letter to us after she received the package on the Troop’s Letters page.

Request from Cpl. Rachelle

August 6, 2010
Ron from US War dogs sent over this request.
Hello My Name is CPL Rachelle and I’m currently deployed to Iraq with MWD “Ito”, my Patrol Explosive Detector Dog. I was greeted by a veteran from Maine on the way over to here and he told me about your organization.  I just wanted to write and say that I have been browsing your website and it is absolutely wonderful! I spend some time every time I can get to the internet browsing and reading what you have to offer.  I am a female in the United States Army and will be deployed through February of 2011 in Iraq.  Any items you can send over would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for all you do!
CPL. Rachelle D.
God Bless You!