Request for 3 MWD Teams 9/19

I am SSG Springmann (US Army) a dog handler with the 178th MP Det, FT Hood, TX.  I am currently with a SF Team (ODA 3132).
We were in contact breifly when I was in Iraq with the 10th MTN Div. (2008).  I know you were supporting us back in 08′ when we first spoke and as I am once again in the fray with my K-9, I was wondering if there was anything your organization could do for myself and the two other K-9 handlers and our Dogs out here on this remote Fire Base.

We are pretty far out and have little K-9 support or any support for that matter.  Anything for the Handlers and Dogs would be wonderful.  From Equipment, Dog equipment (collars, leashes, harness).  We are wearing stuff out pretty fast here.  We (dogs included) drink bottled water because the shower water can give us Ecoli.  We are not in a location where we can go get smokes, dip, shampoo or any kind of snacks when we run out.  Tennis balls or Kongs or tug toys or even some edible treats for the fuzzy friends would be cool.  I have a Face Book account with pictures of our little FOB and my dog and our life here.  Please feel free to befriend me to see how we are doing.  Thanks for your time and take care.

SSG Springmann

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