Mom asks for support.

December 26, 2010

We have just received an email saying that a wonderful mom has asked for support for her son serving our country.

Her son, CPL JonPaul and his MWD dog, are in Afghanistan at this time.

We will be putting together a few care packages to send to them in the coming week.



3 MWD Teams need support.

December 26, 2010

This just came in…

“I was made aware of the support your organization is providing to our deployed MWD Handlers during the holidays by Lt Col D.  Below are the names and addresses of our currently deployed MWD teams from the 49 SFS out of Holloman AFB:  TSgt Christopher S., SrA Shannon H. and SSgt Shiloh B.      Thank you for all the support and effort you do for our MWD teams.”

Happy Holidays,

Thomas P. H. TSgt, USAF

Kennel Master


6 MWD teams need packages

December 19, 2010
The requests are pouring in…

“I am one of six military dog teams assigned to the Kabul airport in Afghanistan and we could
always use help on getting equipment and treats for our dogs. Anything would be
a great help, dog stuff is not easy to find in the city (or anywhere) and the
gear we have goes quickly.

Thank you for reaching out and helping your fellow dog handlers out!”
TSgt Clint R.

“Red” is in need

December 19, 2010

Here is another request:


“I was writing about the K9 support.  Me and my dog “Red” are currently deployed to Afghanistan with ODA 1325.  “Red” is a Specialized Search Dog (SSD) trained to find bombs, weapons and ammo.  If you could please send us care packages it would greatly appreciated.
Thank you again and God Bless.”
Zane F. and Red

Just in-Request for Brit

December 19, 2010

This request just came in.  It still breaks my heart every time I hear a MWD team is in need.

I am a MWD Handler that is deployed to Afghanistan with my dog, Brit.  My name is SSgt Robert S, I’m in the Air Force and have been in country since November.  Brit and I will be here through half of 2011.  Brit and I would love it if you could send us a few care packages to help our stay here an enjoyable one.  Any, and every dog toys, treats, blankets would be much appreciated.  I am also here with other MWD Handlers that I could share the goodies with.  Sir would you be interested in sponsoring Brit and I?

We, of course, answered yes!

Thank you for accepting to help us.  Brit and I know that it is going to help tremendously.  We will take pictures with the care packages so that you can see how much we enjoy and appreciate them.  The only thing that I can think of that I would like is a dog blanket for Brit for these cold Afghanistan winter nights.  Anything else such as toys, dog bones, treats would be awesome.  I am going to spread the word about your organization and how you help deployed MWD teams, it’s the least I can do.  If there is anything else I could do please don’t hesitate to ask.

SSgt Robert