6 MWD teams need packages

The requests are pouring in…

“I am one of six military dog teams assigned to the Kabul airport in Afghanistan and we could
always use help on getting equipment and treats for our dogs. Anything would be
a great help, dog stuff is not easy to find in the city (or anywhere) and the
gear we have goes quickly.

Thank you for reaching out and helping your fellow dog handlers out!”
TSgt Clint R.

2 Responses to 6 MWD teams need packages

  1. Ron says:

    Could you give me specifics for direct mailing to posts. We will have several classes donating, and would like pictures and names of the dogs. Taylor, will be the first on our list. Could we do others too? This is a great idea,we love it. Thank you! Is there anyplace near Pittsburgh, PA to drop items?

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Ron,
    It’s great that you want to get involved!
    Please email me at Troopdogs@comcast.net and we can get started.
    Thanks Again!

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