Request for amazing dogs.

Good Morning,
My name is SSgt Steven N., I am an Air Force handler deployed to FOB Shank Afghanistan. I am currently here with 4 other dog teams and I was wanting to sign us up for a care package. Our dogs are some of the toughest ones I have ever met. They are constantly out there taking the fight to the enemy and never saying no. It is truly inspiring to watch the heart that these dogs have. Below is my address…thank you for your tireless support of Military Working Dogs all over the world.
Thank you again
SSgt Steven


4 Responses to Request for amazing dogs.

  1. Mark Brown says:

    Steven, I’d be honored to send you a care package – are you looking for stuff for you and your buddies or something special for you dogs or both? How can I “make your day” happier and better. What would you like – or just a surprise package? is there a way I can get you my email or you can post your requests here. I’m a newly retied teacher and I can’t think of anything better than helping you folks over there. Mark

  2. Susan Engel says:

    Hi Mark,
    That is wonderful that you want to get involved. Please email at and I can get you set up.

    Thank you,

  3. Carla Hill-Calrk says:

    I would like to know how to send a package and get set up as well. My email is Thank you

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