Request for MWD team having a hard time.

First off. I would like to thank you for your support to our brethern. You and US War Dogs have supported me on 2 different deployments and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am KM at Elmendorf AFB aka (JBER). I have 4 teams down range right now.

I put SSgt John W’s address down below because he has been having a hell of a time and my BEST handler and team. He has been there (Afgan) a week and already 3 fire fights and a close call on a IED. If you could support him and our fellow handlers down range  at his location that would be Awesome. Next, thanks for the Awesome website and all the work you do supporting our working dogs. I used it in my NCOA speech. You have been a tremendous supporter and advocate for our MWD’s.
Thank you for your service and support.

Thanks, TSgt Patrick S.


One Response to Request for MWD team having a hard time.

  1. In response to MWD team having a hard time by TSGT Patrick S. I would first thank him and all of the teams for keeping us safe at home and most importantly ask what address to use for SSgt.John W. and what he needs for his MWD’S.I will send what I can and make others aware of your needs. gratefully yours, Gail G.

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