Kongs and Furminators requested.

Dear Troop Dogs,

First off, I want to thank you.     Not only are the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen important, but so are the four-legged heroes that protect us.   I’ve seen your program in action, and it’s a wonderful thing!

I am an Animal Care Specialist, and my main duty is to care for the Military Working Dogs. I am currently deployed to Qatar in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and I work at 2 different bases. 1 of the bases gets packages from you. However, the base that I am at the majority of the time does not receive any.   So, for the sake of the Handlers and their Partners, I’d like to request some packages here.

Some things that are big hits are Kongs and toys that are hard to tear apart. (Preferably no ropes)
Yummy treats.
And brushes! (The rake kind or furminators would be AMAZING!)
A set of doggles.

We would really appreciate anything! Thanks again for your amazing program!

Thank you!

Spc Britni //R. (Animal Care Specialist)


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  1. #trans quite intriguing post

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