Thank You, WMMR Cheerleaders!!

June 19, 2011

May 22 was a gray, colder day but that would not stop the thousands of people who would make their way to the MMR*B*Q,  WMMR’s, Philly’s #1 Rock station,  Annual BBQ Bash at the Susquehannah Center in Philadelphia.    Jen Noval, a Troop Dog Angel and WMMR Cheerleader, requested that Project:Troop Dogs be the charity who benefited from several hours of a dunk tank.  Her boss, John, said yes!

Now remember, this was a cold, rainy day…these guys and gals put on their bathing suits and were dunked for several hours.  They were great sports and really did a great job!

They raised $2,100 and John, owner of MAG Enterprises Inc and Jen’s boss, MATCHED that amount!!!!!!

We can’t say enough Thank-Yous to all who helped Project: Troop Dogs that day!!!!

You all ROCK!


Boots are needed.

June 18, 2011

Hi Susan and PTD,

I’m actually emailing to request an item if I may.   J   The Kennel Master was talking to me today about how the dogs can no longer train during the day because the ground/sand is too hot in the training area. They said they have tried the boots the Army gave them, but they are poor quality and are more of a distraction. I offered to ask you if you might be able to get a few pairs of the ones they use back in the States.

Here is a link:

That would be awesome, but it’s not a problem if you can’t.
Hope all is well and thanks so much again for all that you do!
Spc Roman, Britni // 68T (Animal Care Specialist)

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