12 teams in great need Afghanistan

“I spoke with a buddy of mine in Afghanistan today and he was asking for some “stuff” for his pup — it’s starting to get colder at night. His name is MA1 Dan F. (out of Norfolk, VA) and his partner is MWD “Aatom” (he’s an awesome Mal). He’s looking for size 12 heavy socks and some crossword puzzles (for Dan, not Aatom – ha ha). For “Aatom” – he’d like to get some blankets. He told me that “Aatom” digs into his blanket bed and ends up covering himself up in them. He’d like a couple more and some smaller ones to take out on their missions. He also likes Raman noodles, twizlers and small treats to take out with them. …. There’s another team with him, MA3 Sheld (I don’t know his first name) and his MWD “Nico” (Black GS) – from Sigonella, Italy. 

He said that there’s a whole lot of TEDDs (tactical explosive detector dogs) on the camp next to them (about 10 teams) – and he said they don’t have ANYTHING!”  

These teams are in great need, here is another request for Dan and the TEDD teams.

Hi Susan,

My name is Kathleen E.   I am the Leading Petty Officer for the MWD
Kennels at Rota, Spain.  Troopdogs.org sponsored one of my MWD Teams while
they were down in Afghanistan just recently.  They have since returned from
their very, very difficult deployment safely – Thank God.

I would like to forward you the name of a very good friend of mine who is
currently in Afghanistan with his MWD partner.  They’re names are Dan
F. and MWD “Aatom”.

Dan is stationed out of Norfolk, Virginia.  He’s also interested in
crossword puzzle books and heavy socks – he says that it’s starting to get
cold out there at night.  “Aatom” is a Belgium Malinois – he likes blankets to
cuddle with (who would’ve known, this dog is a lunatic !)  … But we love
our lunatics !!!

Dan also shares what he gets with a few other handlers that are there with
him – as well as about 10 TEDD (tactical explosive detector dog) teams that
are in the area — so whatever Troopdogs.org can do for these sailors,
soldiers, airmen and marines would be greatly appreciated.

As a handler who’s completed 3 deployments with my MWD partners, I would
like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for LOVING
our teams as much as we do.  It’s so wonderful to receive ANYTHING from the
States and our fellow Americans when you’re deployed.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.  It does not go

Very Respectfully,
MA1 Kathleen E.




7 Responses to 12 teams in great need Afghanistan

  1. Susan Melenric says:

    Do you have an address for the group that has nothing? I would get a box together for them.

  2. Hi – this is Joey and Cheryl Robinson from Sapphire Ventures in California. We sent boxes before and we would be happy to send some boxes if we could get an address.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Evelyn Dixon -from Gate Oklahoma
    Do you have a address for a group that is need? I will put some boxes together for them.

  4. Holley Ember says:

    Hi, my son Loves dogs and his brother just came home from Afganistan. we want to send packages monthly for the dogs can you send us this address? He will love doing this his eyes lite up when I asked him. God bless our troops!!
    Holley and Shane

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