MWD needs eye medication.

September 13, 2013

Good Day Susan,

Thanks again for all your kindness.  If you can get me “PRED FORTE “eye drops, Suspension(prednisolone acetate) from Allergan. I have one k9 that has Pannus in the right eye and she needs this meds permanently and I am running out of it time and time again. We cannot get it locally, so have to ship it in. Maybe you are more lucky than me to get some, I will be most happy.

Best Regards


UPDATE:  Dr Marc Rosenberg, President of the Voorhees Vet Center was able to order 6 bottles of the medication for “Saba.”
We were able to mail them along with treats for the dogs and handlers.  Here is the note we received from Andre. 

Good day Susan,

Happy news, yesterday we received the 2 boxes you sent.  We were so happy first for the dog meds and second for the treats. Of course the Marshmallows did not left my table. Thank you so match for the letter from all the kids, it really brings tears to eyes. I can tell you sometimes we ask why are we here, but when we received cards like that, we know there is a purpose for it all . The guys all want to say many thanks for what you and your staff are doing and we took notice of all your effort and projects. God bless you all.

I have a new dog in my group a springer spaniel will send you picks an awesome dog …like a child wants to play all day.

Thanks again,




ITEMS NEEDED as of 4/17/14

August 22, 2013

Care Package ready to go to the Middle East

-Notes of encouragement to the Troops!!!

-Lipbalm, hand lotion and Gum


–Dog treats


-Dog boots (see items page for brand and link).

-Retractable leashes (Black 16ft or 26ft with tape leash, not cord)

-Jute Tugs

We are also in need of a few things at this time:  twizzlers, microwave foods(popcorn, mac and cheese), instant coffee, peanut butter and hand sanitizer.   Travel size items are always welcome because they are easy to carry.  No items in glass, please.

This list changes weekly and we always welcome anything from the full list on the ‘Items Needed’ page.


June 13, 2013

Thank you to WMMR (#1 rock station in Philly) and their Cheerleaders for, again this year, raising money for Project:Troop Dogs at their huge annual MMR-B-Q event.    And they keep giving…John Meehan and the Cheerleaders matched the amount that was raised in the dunk tank.   Fantastic!!!

Special thanks goes out to Jen Noval, who made this all possible for Project:Troop Dogs.

Their efforts will help many MWD teams.   Thank You!!!!


Help for my brother.

April 19, 2013
Hello,My brother is currently deployed in Iraq for the US Navy. He’s noticed a few dogs on base that are without any enrichment items, as well as some street dogs that are in very bad shape.

Would it be possible to have a care packaged sent to the base for these dogs? At least for the dogs on base?

Thank you,



UPDATE: See the thank you letter and pictures sent by Hollie’s brother on ‘Troop Letters’ page.

9 Military War Dogs in need.

March 23, 2012

There are 9 Military War Dogs and their handlers asking for care packages:

K9 Rocky, K9 Spiky, K9 Vviper, K9 Corup, K9 Hart, K9 Eros, K9Rocky2, K9REx and K9 Jess

MWD “Rexo”

October 15, 2011

My name is SGT Kelly D C.,  me and my working dog “Rexo” are currently in Afghanistan.  Last year I was with Matt H. and this year I’m back again. If you guys could send whatever it would be much appreciated.

12 teams in great need Afghanistan

October 14, 2011

“I spoke with a buddy of mine in Afghanistan today and he was asking for some “stuff” for his pup — it’s starting to get colder at night. His name is MA1 Dan F. (out of Norfolk, VA) and his partner is MWD “Aatom” (he’s an awesome Mal). He’s looking for size 12 heavy socks and some crossword puzzles (for Dan, not Aatom – ha ha). For “Aatom” – he’d like to get some blankets. He told me that “Aatom” digs into his blanket bed and ends up covering himself up in them. He’d like a couple more and some smaller ones to take out on their missions. He also likes Raman noodles, twizlers and small treats to take out with them. …. There’s another team with him, MA3 Sheld (I don’t know his first name) and his MWD “Nico” (Black GS) – from Sigonella, Italy. 

He said that there’s a whole lot of TEDDs (tactical explosive detector dogs) on the camp next to them (about 10 teams) – and he said they don’t have ANYTHING!”  

These teams are in great need, here is another request for Dan and the TEDD teams.

Hi Susan,

My name is Kathleen E.   I am the Leading Petty Officer for the MWD
Kennels at Rota, Spain. sponsored one of my MWD Teams while
they were down in Afghanistan just recently.  They have since returned from
their very, very difficult deployment safely – Thank God.

I would like to forward you the name of a very good friend of mine who is
currently in Afghanistan with his MWD partner.  They’re names are Dan
F. and MWD “Aatom”.

Dan is stationed out of Norfolk, Virginia.  He’s also interested in
crossword puzzle books and heavy socks – he says that it’s starting to get
cold out there at night.  “Aatom” is a Belgium Malinois – he likes blankets to
cuddle with (who would’ve known, this dog is a lunatic !)  … But we love
our lunatics !!!

Dan also shares what he gets with a few other handlers that are there with
him – as well as about 10 TEDD (tactical explosive detector dog) teams that
are in the area — so whatever can do for these sailors,
soldiers, airmen and marines would be greatly appreciated.

As a handler who’s completed 3 deployments with my MWD partners, I would
like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for LOVING
our teams as much as we do.  It’s so wonderful to receive ANYTHING from the
States and our fellow Americans when you’re deployed.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.  It does not go

Very Respectfully,
MA1 Kathleen E.