Troops Letters

To The Military War Dog Teams,

First, “Thank you” for your service and sacrifices.  We are honored to be able to help in some small way. There are many people excited to assist Project: Troop Dogs and many items have already been collected and are waiting to be sent.  We’d love to hear from you.

Hi Susan!
First, thank you for all you do to support our troops and their military working dogs! I came upon your site when I was looking for care packages oriented to the dogs that serve over here. I recently deployed to Afghanistan as a Company Commander and one of the various units that I am responsible for is the MWD unit. I’m still getting to know them and have already met a few of their dogs, and they are very loving pups!
Reminds me of my dog back home too. I will have a little more info about how many dogs/Soldiers are a part of this section in my unit…would you be willing to send a few care packages their way for their dogs? I can send you an email from my official email so you can verify my identity if you need me to. Hope to hear from you soon!  CPT. Jason B.

Hi CPT Jason,
We have 5 care packages going out to the teams filled with goodies and items for the dogs.
Please let me know if they need more and/or they run out of things.
I will be mailing them on Tuesday.   Susan

Hi Susan,
You are amazing!  I am sure they will love the care package, and just the fact that a group of people are keeping them and their furry partners in mind is very encouraging.  I’m sure you knew this from supporting so many canine teams but the dogs outrank their handlers haha!  It’s a funny thought…thanks again!
CPT. Jason



Thank you so much for the care packages. We received them yesterday. Here is a pic of two of the handlers that I worked with today. We greatly appreciate everything in the packages, and have already put it to use.

Thank you again!!!!
Justin A.
Vigilant Canine Services International


“This one is mine! MWD Saga and team.


“We Got Mail from Project:Troop Dogs!!!!!”

Dear Susan,
“THANK YOU” so very much to you and all the volunteers who put together such wonderful boxes for the K9 Dogs here in Iraq, A couple of them are on their second tour in a row over from Afghanistan.  All the dogs got some of the goodies and they are a big booster in moral for us Sailors here who are boots on ground. To see them happy and tails wagging makes us happy and know that what you do is a very selfless act of love and care for these wonderful pups here who are a huge part of the team.  Thank You so very much from the bottom of my heart Susan,  God Bless.
With Great Pride, Proudly Serving
Chief J.M. and MWD Saba


“I got a new toy!” MWD Alan


“Thank you for my cooling vest!”  MWD Ares

The following letter was sent to Mr.Nober’s 5th grade class, “Friends of Troop Dog” members.
Thank you so much for the new leash for my dog Nero!  I appreciate all your support and I really needed a new leash.  These are perfect because I can clip it to my belt, and be able to have


SGT Adam and MWD Nero searching for explosives.

my hands free for other things.
So a little about me… I

am from Massachusetts, but I am stationed in Texas.  I am currently in Southern Afghanistan with Nero. We are here for 1 year total.  I have about 7 months left.  Back home, I have a wonderful wife, and two little boys.  Nero is 3 years old, he is an all black German Shepard.  He is a drug dog, but also is an attack dog.  I have attached some pictures so you can put a face to the name.
Thank you again, I really appreciate your support, more than you know.  Thank you so much, feel free to write back and\share.
Sgt Adam and MWD Nero


MWD Sam and SFC Christopher

The following letter was sent to “Friends of Troop Dogs” member, Tess.
My name is SFC Christopher and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care packages.  Unfortunately I no longer work a dog because I am the Program Manager for all Military Working Dogs in Afghanistan East.  Your boxes were distributed throughout the kennels here in Bagram and I speak for all the handlers here in saying thank you again.  Diesel, Jager, Lexa, Santa, Rex, and Candy were also very appreciative.  A little about me I am from TN originally and I enlisted in the Army in 1998.  I am married and have 3 beautiful children 2 boys and a girl they are 3, 4 and 5.  This is my third deployment but first time to Afghanistan, my last two deployments I had a dog and it definitely made the time away from home easier.  I became a dog handler in 2003 and since then I have worked 13 dogs all with different personalities but they all were an honor to work.  The hardest part of being deployed is the disconnect you feel from the real world back home but having people like you take the time to write and send packages makes it easier to hold on to humanity and not become a robot.  I attached a picture of me and my last partner Sam, the photo was taken in Iraq in 2009.  He was by far my favorite because he definitely thought he was a person from taking the whole bed at night, stealing my food, listening to me vent or just being there when I felt alone.  The handlers I have with me here are very tight net and they all have wonderful dogs which makes for a family type atmosphere.  Thank you again for the packages and letter, you are now a part of the Bagram K9 family.
SFC Christopher and MWD Sam

SSgt Pascual and

SSgt Pascual and “Bert” ready to work!

Hi, my name is SSgt Pascual G. and i just wanted to let you know i received your package today. I and MWD BERT would want to say thanks for the goodies you sent out to us and thanks for the support. enclose is a pic of me and BERT hope you like and again thanks for the package.

Some info on us we are originally stationed at the Air Force academy in Colorado Springs and have been a dog handler for 4 years this is my third dog deployment and second to Afghanistan I was here last year lol lucky me right. Oh yea and I just hit eight years in the military this year. Well that’s a little on me, Bert is three and turns four in June lol.. Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you guys.
adios  SSgt Pascual G. and MWD BERT

 Hi Troop Dogs,

I just returned from a long mission and was excited to find a package from all of you. I can’t express how

Sgt. Jon S. and

Sgt. Jon S. and “Turbo”

much appreciation i have for all the supporters back in the States and abroad. Turbo was so happy to dig into his new toys and treats. All of us here at Task force Warhorse kennels enjoyed the home made cookies that Bonnie J. made.

A little about Turbo and I. Turbo is a SSD (Specialized Search Dog). Basically he is a single purpose off-leash dog that doesn’t bite and takes verbal commands and hand and arm signal commands from me. Turbo’s main job is to find explosives, bomb making materials, HME’s (Home Made Explosives), weapons, and ammunition. Turbo can work around people, animals, and live stock without any issues. troopTurbotrashThe reason he is standing near all that trash is i wanted to take a picture to show the stuff Turbo has to search through everyday.  We have been together for 2 years. Turbo and I will always stay together until he retires. Turbo is an 8 year old, male, Black Lab. This is our 1st deployment together but this is my 5th deployment. I am married and have 4 children..
 Once again i would like to thank all of you for your package and continuous support.
SGT Jon S. and Turbo

MA2 Matthew & MWD “Rino”

Dear Project:Troop Dogs,

 Thank you so much for the dog shampoo and treats for my little guy. We are currently working out in a remote location in western Afghanistan, so its a real treat for “Rino” to get good shampoo and doggie snacks. Attached is a picture of little guy and myself after a mission with Special Forces.
It’s thanks to Americans like yourself that make it easier to operate out here.
 MA2(FMF) Matthew D USN

Hi Susan and Project:Troop Dogs!
Got your boxes! Thanks! Great stuff! Oh my gosh! We put those boots on Rocky and he was dancing around like a spider at first, it was sooooooo funny! He had never had boots on before!  His handler was soooo excited! They were all happy to get more inserts. I am taking on some more dogs and handlers in Oman soon. I am going to be giving them your information as well.
The cat food was Iams, fancy! They appreciate the fine cuisine!  Our feline Trap, Neuter, Release Program has really taken off! That cat food has really helped!
Thank you once again for all of your kindness! When I come to NJ to visit my God Mother, I would love to drop by and shake your hand!  :)V/r
Spc Britni // 68T (Animal Care Specialist)
Camp As Sayliyah /
Spc Britni is an Animal Care Specialist who travels to several bases to give care to the injured MWDs.
She is able to distribute our care packages to many of the MWD teams in need.

Hi, my name is David V. and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan.  I believe my mother signed me up through your organization.  I received 2 care packages today and just wanted to take a minute to say thank you.  I greatly appreciate them.  I also shared some things with the other handlers here.  Mail time we normally are like little kids in a toy store. ha ha.  I don’t have a picture of Rocky (my Malinois) on my computer yet, but I will defiantly email you a picture of him and I within the next few days.  Thank you very much for the packages and for supporting us over here.  Its the little things like care packages that keep us sane at times. lol
Thanks again!
David V- Afghanistan

Project:Troop Dogs,

SPC Roman gave me your contact information.  I am the Kennel Master for the Qatar Kennel and I wanted to say thank you from all our dogs and handlers here at the Camp.  I am attaching a photo of our dogs, I would like to mention that we are a small kennel and hopefully build up to a larger kennel.  Again, Thank you and all you do…

SFC William W.
Kennel Master

Hey Susan,    I’ve gotten a couple “Friends of Troop Dogs” packages with the dog boots and other goodies! You all take such good care of our MWDs! Thank you so much!
When I brought them to the handlers, their eyes lit up! The soles of those shoes and made with the same rubber on our combat boots! (Neat little fact I noticed when I was checking them out) They are really neat. I told them I want pictures. I might just go visit with my camera tomorrow.
Hope all is well, and again, thank you for all that you do! You are AMAZING!!!!!!

Spc Britni // 68T (Animal Care Specialist)
Camp As Sayliyah //
Spc Britni is an Animal Care Specialist who travels to several bases to give care to the injured MWDs.
She is able to distribute our care packages to many of the MWD teams in need.

Project:Troop Dogs,
I would like to thank you for the packages you sent.  Myself and the 7 other handlers enjoyed getting some new toys for our pups and some new equipment (collapsible water bowls).  We also enjoyed the doggie spa products from Paul Mitchell.  We appreciate all everyone does to get donations for us while we serve our great nation in Afghanistan.  I’ve enclosed a few photos, they are not the best, but I will send better ones when I get them.
Thanks again!
SSgt April L.and MWD Zora

  I want to thank you and all of the other folks back home for your support and thoughts. Me and my fellow Handlers love the packages and so do our dogs. I have attached to photos one of me and my first dog Ferra in our deployment to Kuwait and then one of me and my current dog Bomber.
Once again thank you so much.
Nathan B. SSgt
United States Air Force K9

MWDs: “Errol”, “Sany”, “Ajax” and “Rudy”

Thank you so much for the care packages, we truly appreciate getting stuff and being remembered. It takes our mind off the mission and being away from family and friends, if only for a short while. We have four dog teams here (attached photo). We are in a location we cannot disclose but rest assured were not in harm’s way but helping get equipment into theater.
We are half way through our rotation and have about 90-100 days left. It’s been about 80-90 degrees most days and soon will reach into the 100s.
Thanks again for everything, the dog teams love it!

Dear Troop Dogs,

I wanted to send you an email to let you know that I got all your wonderful care packages. They were full of some great stuff. When I took them over to the Handler’s (I have yet to see them really smile) they gave me this huge grin and asked “What is this?” I told them that Christmas came early because of your kind donation. They were thrilled!
And then, the next day, I received the cooling vests and CAT FOOD! We are so fortunate that there are kind people out in the States (like yourself and your organization) that are willing to
care for us when we are in a Combat Zone.

Spc Britni and “Thomas Tumbleweed”

I realized that I had never sent you a picture or told you a little about the Desert Cats out here! They are a little different from our cats back home. They are SOLID muscle! The one guy in the picture had muscles on his head! They have webbed feet to help them run better in the sand and they “talk” soooo much! They are really neat and spotted, too! We named this guy “Thomas Tumbleweed”.

Thanks again for everything!

Once again, thank you for your AMAZING kindness!
Respectfully,    Spc Britni // 68T (Animal Care Specialist)
Spc Britni is an Animal Care Specialist who travels to several bases to give care to the injured MWDs.
She is able to distribute our care packages to many of the MWD teams in need.

Thank you so much for the packages!  We have 14 handlers here and I can assure you they the goodies snacks will be put to good use.   Here is a little background on me. This is deployment #5, two as a regular MP and this is my third as a dog handler.  I have been deployed all of the world but my most current deployments have been Afgan, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, and Kuwait.  I am stationed at in California and have been there for 4 years.  Got married last year to another handler and she is pregnant with our first kid and is due to get out of the military in the next couple of months.

I am hoping to get some picture of the handlers and MWD’s out soon and you will be the first to get them.  Thank you again for all of your support, without it, deployments would be miserable.  Just to see even one package in the mail can change someone’s day.  So thank you for everything that you do from all the handlers here and around the world.

SSgt  Shaun D. – Afghanistan

Dear Susan,

“Ate” and I just wanted to thank you so very much for the great packages you sent us this Holiday season!  Your support during our


overseas adventures has been a true blessing to both of us.  “Ate” and I have been deployed out here for 5 and a half months now.  We’re getting to the end of our tour and looking forward to finally being back in the states. ” Ate” and I have been on many deployments each, but this is our first deployment together as a team.  It’s been quite the adventure.  Unfortunately, as soon as we get back to our base in New Mexico, “Ate” and I will no longer be a team.  I’m moving to Germany, and he’ll stay back in New Mexico and get a new handler.  I’m not looking forward to saying my goodbyes to him! I’ve attached a few pictures of “Ate” and myself for you.  “Ate” is 7 years old.  He’s such a great dog.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support!  God bless.
SrA Shannon H. and MWD “Ate”

Dear Susan & Troop Dogs,

This is SSG Josh. Thanks for the care packages and the support you give to Military Working Dogs and there handlers.  Sorry it took so long for a reply, I haven’t got mail to often on this deployment.  I am near the end now, so I will be going home soon and I can’t wait it’s been a along one.  Well thanks again for everything hope you enjoy the pictures.
Take Care,
SSG Joshua R.

Hi Troop Dogs,

I recently received a care package and thank you so much.  It always feels good to receive something from home. I have a three-year old German Shepherd named “Rex” who is a PEDD (Patrol Explosive Detector Dog).  Basically, he finds explosives and protects me. I am also here with another dog handler SSG B. he has a 4-year-old black Shepherd. The two of us bounce around from unit to unit assisting on route clearance, searches, and basically anything else that we can do to help the unit we’re with at the time.  I’m working on getting a picture sent, internet connection is a little slow and there is always a long line here plus no external media devices are allowed in the computers, but I will see what I can do. If you decide you want to send another package please let me know via email prior as our address has changed and might change again. Once again, thank you so much for the support and good luck with the snow!
CPL Jonpaul P. and “Rex”


My name is TSgt Brad C., I am a military working dog handler deployed to Afghanistan.  I just received packages full of various things for the dogs and handlers in our kennel.  I wanted to take a moment to thank you and everyone who helped put that package together.  All of our dogs absolutely love the toys and treats.  Thank you from all of the handlers here at FOB Lagman, and from all the deployed handlers around the world.
TSgt Brad C., USAF

Susan and the Troop Dog supporters,
Thank you so much for the care packages for the working dog teams! It made everyone smile and miss home and everything sent was much needed and in use! You are doing a great thing for not only the dog’s but the handler’s too. Thank you for helping us through this holiday season!
Again thank you and your staff for everything they do,
SSGT. Clint R. – Afghanistan


Just wanted to shoot and email and let you know that me and “Red” did receive the care packages and we both enjoyed them very much.  This week when we get some down time I will email you some pics of mean “Red”.
Thanks again.
SGT Zane and MWD “Red”

Hello Troop Dogs,
I received your package and wanted to thank you for everything that you sent. I’m have been having difficulty emailing you to thank you so I hope that this time this email gets trough. Everything that you have sent is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help and support.

SGT Maisch and MWD Cubu

Hi Susan & Project:Troop Dogs,
I am one of the many teams out here in Afghanistan, working out here really puts some stress on us, but thanks to the care packages, we continue to be reassured that we are not forgotten by all the people back home, me and the guys really appreciate all the support, from both yourselves and the USWDA. Both my K-9 “Warus” and I really enjoyed all the treats, I have attached a few pictures from our free time here in the field, we love to know that there is groups like yours that continue to support all the K-9 teams out here. Again, thanks for all the support from both yourself and your sponsors. We look forward to hearing from you again and any items you send are always welcome here. Thanks again.

Very Respectfully,
Paulo Maurtua & K-9 Warus – Afghanistan

SFC Jason and “Duco” getting ready for a mission.

I am eternally grateful for the donations sent to my Belgian Mal named Duco..  He has become a much happier dog knowing that people back home are concerned about his welfare. He had received a bath today and enjoyed some of the doggie treats that were sent to him, some of the other goodies were distributed to the two other dogs but only after Duco picked what he wanted first……such a little cuss!   And mucho gracias for the socks and human treats I very much needed that!  Thanks again Project:Troop Dogs and the two boys, Seth and Kyle.
Soli Deo Gloria
Sergent First Class Jason Phillips -Afghanistan

Hi Troop Dogs,
Thank you for the care packages.

They arrived today and the John Paul stuff works great.  I am actually a trainer here.  I don’t have a dog, but I train all the dog teams here.  I am taking pictures of each dog team and will send out e-mails with the pictures, just please give me a couple weeks and I will get them out.  I hope you don’t mind, but I hand off the dog treats/toys and other goodies to the handlers, keeping a couple things for myself.  I like to spread the wealth when packages come in and always try to keep the handlers happy.   Thank you again for all your support and packages.  They were awesome.
Thanks again,
Tony W.
K-9 Trainer Afghanistan

Hello there.
I got your care packages yesterday, just wanted to thank you and your organization
for everything you sent. I shared the stuff amongst my fellow handlers and their pups
and we greatly appreciate it.  Attached is a photo of me and my dog, Sam.
Thanks again 🙂
SSG Amy M. – Afghanistan

Hi Troop Dogs,
Thank you so very much for the package and I apologize that it has taken this long for me to get back to you.  Omega and I appreciate everything you guys do for us, as I know all of the other pups and puppy pushers do as well.  All of the handlers here were ecstatic about the shampoos and being able to bathe their pups.  Thank you so very much!

Military Working Dog Handler/ MWD: Omega

Project: Troop Dogs received the following certificate thru regular mail with an 8×10 color photos of a MWD Team.  The certificate read:

Department of the Air Force  The 405th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron Proudly Presents this Certificate of Appreciation to Project: Troop Dogs for Your grateful contributions to our mission. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!
signed by Jill Moore, MSgt. USAF Security Forces 1ST Sergeant, Al Thompson, CMSgt, USAF Security Forces Manager and Christopher J. Callis, Maj. USAF Security Forces Commander

Dear Susan  &PTD,
Thank you for the care packages that “Andy ” and I received! “Andy” is a 8 year old Mal. I will send some pics at a later time. I just wanted to say thank you for your Troop Dogs Org as I am sure it brings many smiles to handler’s and the Working Dog’s faces!  About how many Working Dogs is your Org currently supporting? Well, thank you again for all the support! Oh, and about the cool vest, I brought one with me. But thank you!!  Do you have any good k9 harness? Thank you!
God Bless You,
Corey M. – SSG, USA Army

SSgt Jeremy and

Hi Susan & Troop Dogs,

I would like to thank you for the thoughtful care package I received from
you.  Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply back, but things have been kind
of busy lately with getting settled in and work.  I’ve already taken
advantage of many of the items enclosed.  And now I can say my MWD “Ajax” is
smelling nice and clean after the bath I gave him.  I’ve attached a picture
of myself and Ajax from our pre-deployment training.  Hopefully I’ll have more taken at our deployed location soon so I can forward those out as well.
Once again thank you very much!

SSgt Jeremy O and Ajax

We received this letter thru regular mail on Department of Defense letterhead. “Earl”, the dog Sarah mentions, is a very handsome Black Lab.

Dear Troop Dogs,

Thank you for the canine care packages.  These dogs work very hard to ensure our safety and success and deserve to be rewarded with treats and toys to act like a “dog” for a little bit instead of a soldier.  We appreciate your support.  It’s good to know these often forgotten heroes are being thought of.  Bernice Gorman forwarded your packages to me so that the dogs can enjoy them.  I am also form the great state of New Jersey and look forward to returning there in the Fall.  Below is a photo of “Earl”, a military working dog wounded twice by improved explosive devices, both times requiring the removal of shrapnel.  He is doing great and enjoying some time off.  He is a true hero, saving the lives of countless Marines.

Sincerely, SPC Sarah K. Veterinary Technician – Camp Leather neck, Afghanistan

SSGT Shawn and MWD”Grek”

Dear Susan and PTD,
Thank you so much for the care packages, and they did brighten my day as well as my dog “Grek”. (He especially loves surprises).  Attatched is a picture of me and Grek from Afghanistan 2008.
P.S. Do you have doggie ear muffs?

Yeah, they make them. I tracked them down at one time or the other but can’t remember where. A cooling vest would be great.
Thank you so much!

SSGT Shawn S. – Afghanistan

Dear Troop Dogs,
Thank you for the care packages that “Andy” and I received!  “Andy” is a 8 year old Malinois. I will send some pics at a later time. I just wanted to say thank you for your Troop Dogs Org as I am sure it brings many smiles to handlers and the Working Dogs faces!   You have 6 good looking dogs yourself! About how many Working Dogs is your Org currently supporting? Well, thank you again for all the support! Oh and about the cool vest I brought one with me. But thank you!!
God Bless You,
Corey M.

Good morning Joey and Cheryl,(from Supercuts in Ca.)

MWD “Biscuit”

I just want to thank you for the care package you have sent me.  I have shared everything you had sent with the other handlers who needed some supplies over here.  We all want to thank you and we appreciate everything you have sent us.  I want to personally let you know that everything people send to us is spread within our group and it will always help make our job easier and less stressful knowing we have the help and support back home!  Once again I thank you,  I will send pictures of my dog he is a 2.5 yr old Belgian Malinois he serves as an explosive detection dog and is also trained in bite work.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of any help to you guys back home!


Tony & “Biscuit”

Sabrina and “Bertje” , a patrol explosive detector dog

Hi Project: Troop Dogs,
My name is SSG Sabrina L and my working dog is “Bertje”. I received one of your troop dog packages. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for your kindness. Please send this thank you and photo on to Mr and Mrs Wayne and Shirley Anderson for their wonderful note and incredible kindness as well. I don’t have much family so the note was great to get.I hope you all have a wonderful day!SSG Sabrina L. – AfghanistanTo read more  and see more pictures  of SSG Sabrina and her dogs. Click….

patrolling the streets

MWD Teams

Here are a couple of pics from this week .  The Marines are doing good out here. I’m very proud of my dog teams in country.
Take care,
Kennel Master Chris W.


Roger and “Spike”

Hi Project TD,

I’d Like to say thanks for everything and all the support from everyone on your end. It’s been a very tough past few weeks now and the Military is pulling out of Iraq but sadly to say looks like we are moving into Afghanistan shortly within the next 8 months or so. A few changes here where I am, we don’t take our dogs out to search anything over 120 degrees. We usually wait until the temp drops. If its 118 degrees then we would have to still work unless the handler feels that the dog is not searching productively and have to stop the searches and delay the mission.

The dogs love all the treats, toys and all the guys wanted me to say thanks you to everyone as well… We take everything here with gratefulness and we will use everything without waste. I shared everything with the other guys as well as the dogs and I wish you guys can see the dogs happiness and the smile on everyone’s faces. If there is anything I can do for you guys feel free to email here at anytime. I have a Mal named Spike and he is with me here in these pictures. We are down to 4 dogs now, 1 Mal Spike, 3 Shepherds, Flick, Alan and Beny. I will attach one of Flick in his kennel, he loves to sleep upside down. I will get he other picture for you guys in a few days when I can. The guys are in and out and I will have to catch them when they get back.

We all greatly appreciate everything and all support from you guys.
We are here to do our mission, and we hope everyone at home is safe.
Acting Site Supervisor IRAQ  Roger H. / K9 Spike

To all of you who cared enough to let us know we weren’t forgotten,

My name is Staff Sergeant Curtis H..  I am thirty-two years old.  I came in the Army when I was seventeen.  The year was 1995.  I served around three years in the 82nd Airborne Division as a Forward Observer.  I got out in 1998 and went home to Oregon where I joined the National Guard where I served as a combat medic.  I also attended college at this time and got my degree in criminal justice.  I got out of the NG in 2001, two months after 9-11, and began my life as a police officer.  When the war began in Iraq, I decided that if the war was important enough for my fellow citizens to let their sons go fight it, then I should go too.  I rejoined the Army in 2004 as an MP.  Upon completion of MP school, I was assigned to Ft. Lewis, WA.  I was deployed to Iraq in ’05 through ’06, ’07-’08, and then my current deployment of ’09-10.  Prior to this deployment, I re-enlisted for six years and for the opportunity to

Cooling down after a hot day. We are sending “Igor” a cooling vest on 7/26/10.

attend K-9 school.  I was assigned to my Military Working Dog Igor about two years ago.  This is our first deployment together, but it is Igor’s second to Iraq.

This deployment has been by far the easiest mentally.  I know a big part of it is having Igor around, and also that Igor and myself are the only people I have to worry about.  I was not a very big dog person prior to becoming a dog handler.  I guess even now I’m really not.  I am though an Igor person.  I love that dog so much, and I know he loves me too.  I have talked to people that have been in the Ft. Lewis kennels for years and watched Igor with his different handlers and they say Igor does things for me that he hasn’t done for any prior handler.  All I have to do is look at his smile and I know that he would do anything for me.  It is truly unconditional love that comes from a dog!
Igor and I would like to thank you all for you kind and generous gifts.  They are very much appreciated!  I have included a couple pictures of Igor and I.  I hope you enjoy them.
Take care.
SSG Curtis H.
Congratulations to SSg Curtis and his wife, they just had a handsome baby boy!

“Hera” looking cool in her Doggles.

Dear Mikel,(owner of HelpingUdders)

I just received the package that contained the cooling vests you sponsored, from Ms. Susan. I would first like to thank you so much for going through the trouble and getting such an expensive necessity for my working dog, “Hera”. “Hera” is a jet black Belgian Shepard who will really get some use out of this vest. The heat in Afghanistan is really wearing down on her. I really do appreciate you kind generosity towards us as a Working Dog team in Afghanistan. This vest will really help us complete missions faster and better now that she’s protected. Thank you and Ms. Susan again so very much.
SPC Lakeshia and MWD “Hera” – Afghanistan
P.S. Here are a couple of pictures I hope you’ll appreciate 🙂


Hi! I’m Sherie T., Josh’s wife. My husband has VERY limited internet access and no access to snail mail at all or he would be writing this himself. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the package you sent to Josh and “Ellen”. It means so much to both of us that people support the work they are doing. I have attached pictures of Josh and Ellen for you to see, the photos are from Lackland AFB, TX where he trained and our home post Ft Lewis WA. I’m sorry I can’t send pictures from this deployment because of where he is located. The last picture attached is our last family photo before his deployment.   If you’d like to keep in touch please feel free to reply and I’ll foward any messages to him when he calls 😀
Thank you again for your support!!
Love Always
Joshua and Sherie T. (ELLEN TOO!!!)

SPC Lakeshia and “Hera”

Dear Ms. Susan and Project: Troop Dogs,
My name is Lakeshia D. You recently sent myself and my MWD a care package that I received a couple of days ago. I would first like to thank you so very much for your generosity. Your package was very helpful towards help and care for “Hera”. I am very grateful for your help and I can’t tell you how much it was so appreciated. I’m also glad that the package came from New Jersey, I’m from Newark, New Jersey.  Also happy to know that you’re a member of a dog training company. I’m getting out of the military soon and that is one of the few things I would like to do once I leave, to still be a dog trainer. There is not better job in the world than to train dogs. Attached to this email is a few photos of Hera and me that you asked for, I hope you like them, as it was very hard to get her to look into the camera haha.

“Hera” is a Patrol Explosive Detector Dog (PEDD), she is also a Deferred Response (DFR) dog. When on odor she focuses on the odor until paid with a reward, Kong is her favorite :). She hasn’t had any finds yet but we have been on a few missions. She is such a good dog and I love her so much…it’s going to be so hard to part ways with her once I leave. People really underestimate the attachment between the handler and the dog…we’re attached to the hip :). Anyway, I get out in a year and I really would like to be a family dog trainer. A few contractors out here want me to come back and work for them but this place isn’t for me. It really does get scary out here and I dont think I can do it again. I definitely will call you when it comes down to me leaving the military, especially since it is so close to home. Thanks again for being so supportive.
SPC Lakeshia and MWD “Hera”

Hello PTDs!

I just wanted to say thank you for the care packages that you have sent to us.  I have distributed the good out to everyone and the dogs and they all loved everything you were able to do! Unfortunately, we are at a bare base where there is absolutely anything for us to do — the good thing is we have the dogs to keep us company!  We also are not allowed to talk about our location and the majority of sites on the web are blocked for a media black out therefore none of us can send pictures via email but we are actively taking them and as soon as we are allowed or as soon as we get home we will send pictures of us and the dogs!  We do greatly appreciate everything you were able to do for us again!
Kristen and Cezar!

My name is SSgt Matt

“Happy” doing his thing.

G. I am currently deployed in SW Asia.  I wanted to send this email letting you know that myself and

MWD “HAPPY” received the care package you sent.  I want to take this time to let you and your family know how appreciative we are for taking the time, effort and money to send the care package.  I must say “HAPPY” loves the stuff he got and I must say I do too.  I have attached a photo of “HAPPY” and I supporting a SECSTATE mission in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, I hope you enjoy.

SSgt. Matt G. – Saudi Arabia

Notes and Messages from SSGT Dena J.

Hi Troop Dogs, My name is SSgt Dena J. and I am a Air Force K-9 Handler currently
stationed In Bagram for a deployment. I have been in the Air Force 12
years now and 8 years of it has been K-9.   My MWD’s name is Conny and she is 8 years old.
She is a very special dog that loves to play with everyone and loves

SSGt Dena and Conny!

kids.  I think she feels as if she is human sometimes because she can
understand every word that I am saying and when she has a chance she
will take up all the room in my bed.  LOL!!

The reason I am writing is because I seen the wonderful packages that you have sent to my fellow
handlers at different locations and I wanted to personally Thank-you so
much for that caring gesture.  We are very fortunate to have people like
you that care for us and our K-9 companions especially when we are so
far away from our loved ones.  Its is people like you that keep our
spirits up when we our unable to speak or see our loved ones or haven’t
received a letter or package in a while.  What you are doing for
Military Members through the AORs and stateside is a true gift of
gratitude and I want to tell you Thank-You again.  Not just from me but
from our four legged friends as well.  I will send you pictures from my
personnel e-mail shortly…Thanks-again!  SSGt DenaTo SSgt Dena from Troop Dogs
Hi SSGT Dena, That was so nice of you to take the time to write to us.
We are so thankful for all that you folks do FOR US that we are so happy to be able to do some small part to brighten
the day of our Country’s bravest.  Have we sent a care package to you yet?  If not, may we send you a care package?
Hi Troop Dogs,
I wanted to let you know that I received the packages that you sent me and my MWD Conny and I wanted to tell you Thank-you!!  I really appreciate the hard work and dedication that you, your families and volunteers do for us and such care that is put into the packages.  I have to honestly say it put a big smile on my face and my MWD loved the treats and toys…She is definitely a spoiled dog…..I will continue to send pics of us to you and I hope all is well with you and your families.  By all means send me some pics as well…Thanks again from both of us!!
Please keep in touch..
SSgt Dena J. – Afghanistan

Hi Ms. Engel,

Hi my name is Kelly  and I wanted to thank you for the donated items you sent me and my dog Rex. We appreciate the thought, time and effort you and so many others who stand behind the War dog teams. Please thank everyone for the contributions and its nice to see that so many people are behind the War dog teams over here.
I have enclosed a picture of me and Rex
Thank you
SGT Kelly C. – Afghanistan

Hi Susan and PTD,
Thank you so much for the incredible boxes you and your friends at TroopDogs sent to us over here.  We were very surprised and thrilled to receive such thoughtful packages.  The dogs loved their treats and the handlers couldn’t wait to dig in!     Thank John Paul Pet for the great products too!  We really appreciate everything you are doing for us back home!     TSgt. Carinae S. – Afghanistan

Hey Troop Dogs,
I just wanted to say thank you for the boxes of goods myself and my MWD are loving it all.  Thank you again for everything especially your support.  I will send some pics to soon.
Sgt Matthew H – Iraq

Another letter from SSgt. Blakely
Hi Susan and PTD,

SSgt. Blakely & SSD Luci

Attached are some pics I just took from the fire base and of Luci. Thank you all so much for what you have done and are doing, it is you all that contribute to the morale and the prayers and the overall mission for us out here. You guys are awesome, amazing and definitely the backbone of America!
SSgt. Blakely and SSD Luci – Afghanistan

Luci wearing a US War Dogs bandana

First off thank you very much for the care packages and your support. Meille and I are doing just fine out here so far and are doing our best to keep the troops safe from these crazy muslim extremists. I am a former US Marine Military Police K9 Handler and have been contracting for about 2 years now. I can’t seem to find any job I enjoy more than this one and don’t intend on giving it up anytime soon. Support and thanks from back home are greatly appreciated probably more than words can express. We will continue to do our job to the best of our ability and wish all concerned health and happiness back home. Thanks again for the package, Meille and I were delighted with your generous gifts! Thanks! : )  P.S. I have attached a pic of myself and Meille

Brandon F. & “Meille”

“Cezar”- detecting bombs is his specialty

Dear Susan & PTD,

I received your care packages the other day. What an awesome surprise!! Thank you so much for thinking of us. Therewas so much stuff in those boxes, it took a few days to get through it all. You guys thought of everything.   I’m a former Air Force dog handler ’80-’90 that decided to take a chance and get back in the business. I’m currently working the entry gates at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan with my bomb dog “Cezar”.
You provide an incredible service to us and all your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, Dave L. and “Cezar”

VCSI (Vigilant Canine Services International)

Dear Troop Dogs,

We apologize for the late e-mail…we have been pushing through more work than usual and we are catching up now and hopefully we’ve gotten a bit ahead of ourselves to alleviate

“Renzo” having fun With the Tug!

pressure on us. As the POC for this arrangement, I would like to thank you on behalf of the K9 unit here on Kandahar. We greatly appreciate the gifts, donations, toys, and treats. Every little bit of what you sent to us was of great use.  There was so much mail for them, it was funny just to see the dogs excited once it came through. We thank you so much and send many hugs,kisses, and a heartfelt love that is incomparable. I have attached a few photos..they aren’t much but after having an incident where my camera was the casualty, I wasn’t able to take more. The things that these big guys went gaga for were the floss ropes and the huge tennis balls…..Thank you very much, God bless you and may freedom prevail in this time of war!!!

Another Email From SrA Vanessa- The peanut butter cookies (Girl Scout) were delicious…they went fast. As of right now, they ran out of room for boxes, so when they get an area cleared up we will send any requests. Thank you very much for all your support and we recently returned one dog handler and he wanted your address because he is from New Jersey…he was thinking of stopping by sometime and bring by his furry partner so you can meet him…his name is Torca.    Have a wonderful day and once again thank you for all you do in support of our troops.   SrA Vanessa – Afghanistan

Thank you again and your supporters.

You cannot imagine how much your packages and support mean to us. I want you to know that you have affected 17 dogs, 20 handlers, staff and the war fighting capability of this base in such a positive manner. Materially, you have enhanced our ability to do our job and improve our skills. On a personal level, it is good to know that those of us who serve in the last and longest ongoing declared war in the world, are not forgotten in the light of more publicized conflicts.
We are working on a little ‘thank you’ for all you have done and continue to do.
May God Bless you and those who support you and all American troops.
SSG Chris – South Korea
UPDATE 7/26/10-Sorry I have been quite late in replying. Let your supporters know that we appreciate and have appreciated their generosity. I will soon be leaving Korea so we will not be needing further support. Please thank them as we have done so directly and ask them to pass on future packages planned for Korea to other handlers in other locations. I wish to thank you again for all you have done and I take pride in my membership in your organization. God Bless you.

MA2 Raymond & Katja

Project: Troop Dogs & Susan,

Hi, my name is Raymond.  I just received the care package your group sent today. I just wanted to say thank you very much, my little lady and I enjoyed it. We are currently deployed in support of OEF in Afghan. My MWD’s name is Katja, she is 5 years old, but acts very much like she is 2. We have been a team now for about 10 months. Once again, I would like to say thank you, not just for the package but everything you do to support my fellow dog teams and I.
Very respectfully,  MA2 Raymond A. -Afghanistan

Hello Susan & Project: Troop Dogs,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done and given to the dog team.
Sorry it took so long to write you back, I think your letter got misplaced. Good looking group of dogs you got there.    I don’t get mail from anyone and receiving a box of goody’s for me and “Tommy” really meant a lot.
Thanks for all that you do.
God Bless

Destin & “Tommy”, Iraq

Hello to all from the great dust bowl of Afghanistan!

Luci taking a well deserved nap.

Thank you all so much for the packages and support. I have attached some pictures of myself and Luci and also the terrain here where the Helmand River flows thru.  I will get more pictures out soon. I hope everyone is well, we have had a change of address here and

Blakely & Luci

now have a Special Forces dog handler as well.  Once again thank you all so much for what you do and


Helmand River Afganistian

of others. God bless you all and I will talk at you all soon, God Bless!

SSG Blakely & “Luci” Afghanistan

Susan & Project Troop Dogs,

Thank you so much for the generosity of your numerous packages. The gifts you gave us both improved morale and contributed to our ability to train our MWDs and perform our mission. We will send photos as we get them so you can see the troops you are supporting.  Thank you for your offer of assistance. Know that you and people like you, who are willing to support those of us in the military are as integral to the fight and mission victory as any soldier, sailor, Airman or Marine
SSG Chris D.
May the Lord bless your walk and way,
and by your footsteps may paw prints lay.
for no truer friend is there this day,
than the dog beside you who will forever stay.

Hey Project:Troop Dogs,
I want to take the time to thank you on behalf of me and my dog Puck. We appreciate what you and others have sent to us and will definitely be used. What your organization is doing is awesome and we hope you keep up the great work. I have attached two pictures of me and my partner for you and all to see. Thank you so much!
Travis and “Puck”  in Iraq

Matt & “Mike”

Dear Susan and Project:Troop Dogs,

I just received a package from you and your organization. I want you to know how much both of us appreciate that you would take the

time to think of us during this time of year.
I am in Iraq right now and things are a little slow which is good. Keeps me and “Mike” out of trouble. “Mike” a (Belgian Malinois) is a patrol and explosives detection dog I have had him a little over two years. I believe I am the only handler in this area right now. I have heard that they may try to bring another couple teams in.
Matt and “Mike” in Iraq

Another letter from Matt on Christmas Day:
I have to let everyone know I let “Mike” out (of his crate) to be his pup self! He does love every thing that anyone has sent. He is nudging my elbow as I type. You all take care, I miss home but will there soon.

Hello Susan & Project: Troop Dogs,
I received your package on Christmas. My name is Marcus and I just wanted to tell you that your support and the support of your friends make a huge difference. I know I speak for everyone at the Kennel when I say no words can express our gratitude for what you did. It really makes a huge difference especially now, when more and more people either forget about the war or can’t comprehend the sacrifices we make.

A little about myself. I’m 20 years old and I joined the Army about a month after I graduated high school. I’m originally from the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, a smaller town called Winthrop Harbor. I’ve been Active Duty Army for almost 3 years and I have two more to go. I’m a Military Police Officer stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina with the 82nd Airborne Division. I got selected for Dog School about a month before my unit deployed in August so I haven’t been a dog handler that long but I love every second of it. I have a 2 year old Czech Shepherd named Saryk (pronounced Sure-eek) and when he is not attacking terrorists, he’s a big ball of dufus and fluff (towards his handler anyways lol)

Its good to have the support of you and your area. It made my Christmas. Like I mentioned before support for the war (and the troops unfortunately) has withered since 9/11 and 2003 when everything was fresh in our minds. The thank you’s have slowly became less frequent. We still get it, but its not like it used to be. I’m glad there are still people out there, like yourself, that understand what we do and what we give up.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a great New Year. It’s the support of people like you that make me proud to serve.

Sincerely, Specialist Marcus and “Saryk” Afghanistian


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