Troop Dog Angels

 Thank You Troop Dog Angels and “Friends of Project:Troop Dogs!!


“Friends of Project: Troop Dogs”
Southampton Township School from Southampton NJ, Jake Leech from Florida, Ron Reno and the Baggaley Elementary School,
  Alison Rhoades from Kennewick, WA, Claudia Paluch from Trumbull, CT,  Denise J. Smith from Keene, KY,  R. Mark Brown & Micah Polk, Edie Nesson and GID Investment Advisers, LLC,  Angie Frazier from Canine Cabana in Riverview, FL, Susan Melenric, Joey & Cheryl Robinson of Sapphire Venture, Inc and Supercuts of Southern CA, Therese McCarihan, Pamela Wahl from the Virginia-Maryland Dog magazine, Ann Nordmeyer of IN and Denise Woodruff of LosAngeles, CA.

Jake, a junior at Strawberry Crest High School in Florida, spent many weekends promoting Project:Troop Dogs. He collected a huge amount of items, enough for 20 care packages! Angie and Kendal from Canine Cabana partnered with Jake by raising the funds to mail the packages. Great Job!!

Ron Nober,  Tommy Engel,  Ryan Engel, Voorhees Vet Center/Animal Crackers,  Lani Stulgaitis, Dr. Marc Rosenberg, Jason Smith A/V Logix,  Joanne Dorofy, Wendy Smith & Koda,  Mary Turner, Marybeth Rosauer,  The Steinmetz Family, Kristina & Jayden,  Stacy Shaw & Ceeka, Claire Bower,  Dr. Caroline Garzotto, Tara Boleslawski,  The Berry Family,  Grandpop & Grandmom, Ellenor & Chuck McConnell, Katie & Ryan Nober, The Engel’s & Candy, Nancy Engel, Joyce & Joseph Curry, Alex & Tyler Matthews and Dr Meghan Caruso.

Karen De Gaeta, Alliene Pyle, Ellen and James Siers, Ralph from DogSportGear, Gina from John Paul Pet, Mikel from Helping Udders, Mike Morgan owner of Harry’s Auto, The Medford Weight Watchers Group, Jean, Bonnie Jones, Ginny, Jill Herr, Chris McIntyre, Jane Cale, Vicki Stefen, Dede Humphries, Al & Lindy Thomas, Karen, The office of Stuart Levy, DDS,  Dena Sherry, The Lindenwold Lion’s Club, Nadine & Zoe Johnson, Laurie,  The Winklemans & Gabe, The Gryzbs & Arnold, Debbie Doubt & Koda,  The Baylins & Laika,  Diane Eichner & Betty, The Thockmortons & Stevie, Shayne Russell & Kiva, The Neales & Morgan, The Zagoren Family & Nell & Chloe, Toni & Bill Saul and Margurite Traegler from Haldeman Ford Subaru

The Erickson Family, Robyn & Jake, The Doyle Family & Girl Scout Troop #30896, The Eagan Family, The Shanks & Toby & Snoopy,  Laura & Brian Dingman & Teddy & Pete, Connie Lin, The Pfeils & Trooper, The Greenwald Family, Elaine Johnson, Fran Bernoski, Tina & Eric Brinkman, Kathleen Brinkman, Nicole Miller,  Alise & Andy Love, Edna Wein, Darlene Hammel, Wendy Dumonski, The Caporaso Family, The Columbus Weight Watchers Group, The Hughes Family & Howard & Piper, Elaine, Doris Miller, Mary Lou Krall, Debbie and Alice Hastings.

Southampton Post Office

The Woodbury Weight Watchers Group, Wilma Gismondi, Frank Carfagno, Deborah Saunders & Michael Spillane, Sally Howard, Joan O’Toole, Peaches Kennedy, Chris & Marianne Vennitti, Theresa Sawyer & Who Lets The Dogs Out? Pet sitting,   Joni’s Class of 2’s, Holly Serokos, The Herbert Family, Maria & Niko, Marilou March,  Southampton Post Office, Jim & Janice Dagostino, Kim Rappo, Stacy, David Cecil, Jenn, Ken & Rebel Gassman, Wayne and Shirley Anderson, NJ Pine Barrens Golden Retriever Club

Doris Lang and the Vincentown United Methodist Church, 3 yr old Samantha H., Robert and Angela Bernardo, Trish &Theresa Booth & Lilly Rose, Patricia Booth in honor of Rosalind’s son Jonathan (Marine), Cindy Tanz, Buzzy’s Bowbow, Luann Siwiec & “Jenny”, Weston Club residents, Diana Grimley, Denise Smith, Allison Lubenow, Samantha Adams (5yrs old), Betty Herbert & the  Cherokee Animal Welfare Club at Cherokee High School, Bonnie Jones & Trinity Presbyterian Church of Cherry Hill, Nancy Roberts & Presbyterian Woman, Michele Stevens & the National Junior Honor Society-Gibbsboro School,  Joey & Cheryl Robinson of Sapphire Venture, Inc and Supercuts of Southern CA.

Beth (Juen) Barr & Jenkins Insurance Group of CA, Lynda Kuzma, Robert and Judy Dethloff, Jerry & Meredith Moore, J.A. Schumacher VFW Post 1597, Mat’s Pharmacy, CVS on Bristol Pike Croydon, Pa, Devine Elementary School in Croydon Pa, Phylis Stier, Denise McClausland, Chris Souka, Sterling Helicopter in Croydon Pa, James & Eve Wood, Wayne Teague Kevin Quinn, Ellen Ross, Marypat Foley & the kids at Nativity Beacon Center in Phila., Ann Buddendorf, Mrs Dale Donner, Dorthea Clark, Jody & John Cooper, Lynn Barrett,the Second graders at Southampton School in Southampton NJ, Jen Noval, Anthony Avellino, Joanne Avellino, folks at WMMR, WMMR Cheerleaders, MAG Enterprises Inc.,  CIS LLLC, Dean Edwards, The Kincade family, Joshua Tankersley & JKLeeCo. of Tennessee & Vibrant Development Group of Philadelphia.  Jim from JarHead Jerky, Cindy Chapin, Ben Wirtshafter, Joanne Manning, Jennifer Bytof, Brian Peltz, Kimberly Panick, Altrusa International of Spartanburg, SC, “Reyna”, “Riva” & Carol Wan, Sascha Marie Gruden, Robert & Judy Dethloff, Kristie de la Cruz & Patrons of the Waterfront Hair Gallery,   Michele Stevens & The Gibbsboro National Junior Honor Society, “Drake”, “Jenna”, John & Jody Cooper, Andrew & Kathy Smith of Atlanta GA, Drew Demuth & Melissa Chaille of New York, NY, Anthony and Mary Glauser Concord OH, Reading to Rover with Valerie Stefancin of Russell OH, and Lewis & Beth Pettit of Chardon OH and “Icsis” & Janene Barr and Chuck Farrel.

We would like to give a special thanks to our company sponsors for their generosity!

Where 10-50% of every sale goes to Rescue!

Where 10-50% of every sale goes to Rescue!


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